Monday, September 12, 2011

CE Video Review 1.1 - Benz Kew

I think the most apt title for the first video is "Filial Piety practiced by Muslims" and for the second video "Proper way of treating your loved ones".

For video 1,
The sacrifices made by the mother:
1. She allowed her son to leave the house for a night.
2. She let her son to sleep in her master bed room while she sleeps in the back room.
3. She helped her son to clean his soiled clothes.

The sacrifices made by the son:
1. He needed internet and decided to go to a hotel to get a line.
2. He wanted to reject his mother's offer of sleeping on her bed.
3. He understood her mother and went back home from the hotel without internet.

For video 2,
The sacrifices made by the father:
1. He did not scold his son for being rebellious.
2. He cared for his son in a different way.
3. He asked his wife to stop scolding him and calm down.

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