Monday, September 12, 2011

Nur Shamemi_1.1

What do you think is the most apt title for this video ?

First video - Filial Piety

Second video - Teaching the right way

Why ? 

The first video demonstrates filial piety practised by the muslims and therefore it is an apt title.

The second video demonstrates teaching a child moral values where the child would truly learn ethics properly, hence it is an apt title.

From the video 1, discuss about the sacrifices shown by (i) mother and (ii) son.

(i) Though it was Hari Raya, the mother's son had wanted to go to town where there is internet to complete his work. Even though she would have felt a little disappointed, she still happily allowed him to go. Also, he did not want to pack food that she had cooked for him. Even so, she did not mind as she understood that her son needed to do his work.

(ii) After understanding his mother's feelings about him going over for Hari Raya, he made the sacrifice to head back home instead of staying in town for internet so that he could spend time with his mother on that day.

From the video 2, discuss about the sacrifices shown by (i) father and (ii) son.

(i) The father had spent alot of money on raising his son but he did not want anything in return, claiming "no charge" as his love for his son was priceless.

(ii) The son had realised what he had done was wrong as he thought that by paying his dad money, it would mean that he owed them nothing but actually he owes his father alot for the love and care showered upon him over the years since he was born.

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