Monday, September 26, 2011

Self Reflection

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  1. 1. I find that I am a normal male.
    2. No as we all share the same responsibilities.
    3. They are similar in the sense that they are homo sapiens. but they have very different attributes and personalities.
    4. Yes, as it is not hard for them to do so.

  2. 1. I see myself as a Male in the family by helping out it carrying out labor-intensive chores (e.g carrying groceries). I see myself as a Male in my social circles by understanding the different levels of sensitivities between Males and Females

    2. Th males in my household take care of the labor-intensive jobs and takes care most of the expenses my family requires. The Females in my house normally do the housework and cook food for the family

    3. Males and Females are different in the level of sensitivity, for example, a Male will take a criticism on his pimples on his face lightly, while females may take it in an offensive manner.

    4. I do not think Males can take on Female's role FULLY, because we still have our own differences and there has to be a balance. So I prefer to keep it that way

  3. - I am just an average male in my family
    - We share the same responsibilities and share all the chores.
    - Male and females currently are mentally equal but physically not.
    - Males can take female roles such as taking care the kid and doing house chores

  4. The male basically do work while females mainly do the house work , but the males help out when they can.
    They can do different roles better, males can do more of leadership work while females are good at getting the job done.
    Why not? Of course they can take each others roles, (except for biological roles) males can do housework and several female are the breadwinners of the family, although it can be awkward as males are generally recognised as the "big one" in the family.

  5. 1. I AM NOT GAY
    2. My dad does housework. Drives. My mum cooks. Doesn't drive.
    3. Males and females ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE GAY.
    4. Do housework, of course.

    HAO EN

  6. Male --> Primary worker and income, dictator
    Female --> Housewife

    I follow the traditional ideology that males are dictators and females are housewifes. They are different because the females take care of the welfare of the family while males are the primary income of the family. The male also has higher authority than the female.

    In my opinion, i think that males can take on females roles and vice versa. Because humans are capable of exchanging roles.

    T.T i wan food...
    - Christopher Nah

  7. 1. I must help and respect my family.
    2. Female in the house will usually take care of the family while men go to work, but nowadays it is both who are going to work while the maid/grandmother/grandfather take cares of the baby.
    3. Males have a more physical advantage than females. There must be a balance in life so females and males must be together.
    4. It depends. Some roles are meant for women and suited for women while some roles are meant for men. Some examples are the biological roles of male and females.

  8. 1.I see myself as a typical male in my family, and a friend in social circles
    2.Those do not have definite roles as this is equality
    3.They deserve the same equality
    4.Yes, as all are the same and they deserve equality.

  9. I see myself as a guy in the family with no difference with female family member as I believe in gender equalities. I feel that males and females have same amount of responsibility for what they do for the family?

    Females are responsible for house chores. Males are breadwinners. But younger family members are doing both house chores and studying, not based on gender.

    Yes. Females can work, Males can do house chores. Responsibility are equal.

  10. 1. I am a normal male
    2. We share same responsibilities
    3. We are all similar just that we have different characters
    4. Yes, if we bother to do so

  11. In the family, everyone is equal. Male are those who work and earn money for the family while the females supports the family. Male and female are similar.

  12. 1 Normal Males
    2 No, since the 21st century, male and female have been taking up similar roles in the household.
    3 Males and females are similar in the way that they both behave and act the same
    4 I think that they can, because humans are the same just having different behaviors

  13. Female - ATM, Housewife,somewhat maid, person that nags, friend, someone to talk to ....
    Male - ATM, Breadwinner, Wise man, brother, someone who can understand me.....

    Male - ATM, Boss and working
    Female - Chef,housewife,friend

    Similar and different because they can be friends and the different sex will have different perspective and different views.

    This is because they are now more capable.

  14. 1. I am being treated as a normal male student/child.
    2. Mostly its the same but the males do works that require more effort and females do the one that need more patience.
    3. They are similar their basic needs but different in emotional and other extends.
    4. Yes, but to some extend.

  15. 1. I see myself as a normal male
    2.The roles are so often mixed up and neglected that now I have no idea which is which
    3.The males and females are similar in the sense that they are both human, but very different, e.g. in ideas.
    4. Males can take on female roles and vice versa, but there are some roles that only the specified gender can do.