Monday, September 12, 2011

Su En - 1.1 Video Review

What do you think is the most appropriate title for this video?
First Video: Parents' Suffering
Second Video: The Price

The first video shows that the parents suffer from being so far from the child, but yet some of them just tolerate it.
The second video shows that the price taken to raise a child is a lot. But the parents do not want money back as it is priceless. 

From the video 1, discuss about the sacrifices shown by
(i) Mother
Missing the Son and doing umpteen things for the Son, though accumulating nothing. 
(ii) Son
Pausing the work for the family.

From the video 2, discuss about the sacrifices shown by
(i) Father
Spending a lot of money to raise the Son.
(ii) Son
Being humiliated (as what he thought) in front of the friends but knowing how to repent.

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