Monday, September 12, 2011

Tay Pei Shan - 1.1

(i) The mother allowed the son to go to town to use the internet and do his work although she made clothes for him and cooked him a special fish for raya. She also had to be home alone and celebrate hari raya alone.

(ii) After the old man poured his sorrows to him, he realised that although his mother said she was ok, she was actually lonely and misses him, so he stopped his work and went back home to celebrate hari raya.

(i) The father spent a lot of money to raise the son but he did not ask the son to pay him back. 

(ii) The son got humiliated by his friends while running an errand for the father and he felt that it was his father's fault, so he asked his father to repay him.

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