Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning CE : Activity 3 (Lincoln Chu Mesina,18)

  Kobe Bryant, with more than 25 highlights and awards in his 14 years of basketball career, wouldn't be possible without his remarkable leadership qualities. What traits does Kobe Bryant possessed ? Even since he started his basketball career in 1996, with Los Angeles Lakers, he got his first ever 'NBA rookie of the year' award with the help of the coach and team members. After 14 years, he still play for Los Angeles Lakers, never having a thought to play for a better team. This is what I call, Loyalty. Just Loyalty ? No, something much more important, Determination. 1996, Los Angeles Lakers was eliminated in the playoffs after losing Game 7 against Houston Rockets. However, Kobe Bryant led the team to train much harder for the playoffs the following year. At the age of 18, he proved himself worthy to be a leader by taking down the Sprite Slam Dunk competition and was named the youngest player ever in NBA to hold the status. I think a leader must possessed both determination and loyalty to be a good leader.

Information of Kobe Bryant taken from : 1. 

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