Monday, April 25, 2011

CE Scenario 4 (Zheng Jie,Karan,Jurvis,Jaime)

What is Bernadette's dilemma?
She got confused as her dad told her that sometimes its okay to lie as long as nobody gets hurt. Cheating on her test hurt nobody and she didn't steal the answers from any of the other students. If she hadn't gotten caught, she would have been praised. How was what she did different from what her dad did over and over again? And should she continue to stay silent the next time her dad lied?

Have you ever seen an adult or friend do something you felt wasn't right? What did you do?
No,but if I did,I would have told them to do the right thing.

 How did it make you feel?
It made me feel uncomfortable and confused.

Do you think Bernadette should try to talk to her Dad again about her lying at the movies?
If the father is unreasonable,she should not approach him.
But if the father is reasonable,she should approach him and discuss with him.

Who might Bernadette have hurt by cheating on her quiz?
She might have hurt the feelings and hopes of her teachers and family.

Bernadette's Dad said it was okay to be dishonest if no one was hurt. Who do you think might have been hurt by his lying at the movie ticket office?
The movie company and his children might have been hurt by him lying at the movie ticket office.

Have you ever felt like doing (or have you actually done) the "wrong thing" because you felt like it was worth it? Do you still feel that it was worth it?

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