Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Teo Yi Lin (07)

Some traits of a good leader are as follow:
Not Bias - A leader will only gain the trust of his or her followers if he or she is not bias because only then will the followers believe that the leader they chose is a good leader.
Have Responsibility - A good leader must have responsibility, nobody wants a leader who doesn't take responsibility of his or her work.
On Task - If the leader is not on task, nor will the followers. Thus, being on task is very important to being a good leader.
Confidence - Being confident and believe that he or she can lead is important. If he or she does not believe in himself or herself, she will not be able to lead well.
Knowledgable - A leader which is knowledgable about the topic he or she is doing will be able to guide his or her followers.

How does a good leader manage crisis under stressful conditions?
A good leader will not flare up at his or her own subordinate under any circumstances. A good leader will keep calm and think of what to do next and tell his or her plans to his or her subordinate.

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