Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Darryl Lam (11)

What traits do they possess?

Leaders must have good vision.

This is like creating a goal for your company if you are the boss of the company. For a company you must ask the workers for their own vision of the company, then the leader would b able to come out with a vision that all of them would agree.

Leaders must have passion

You must have passion to do something. If you do not have passion then you would not be motivated to do what you want

Leaders must make good decisions

Leaders must always make major decisions that will either affect the company or the country. Leaders must create a list of pros and cons for the decisions.

To be a leader to make good decisions you can use this:


Q = Quick. Be quick but not hasty.

C = Committed. Be committed to your decision but not rigid.

A = Analytical. Be analytical, but don't over-analyze (Too much analysis can cause paralysis.)

T = Thoughtful. Be thoughtful about all concerned, but don't be obsessive.

Leader must be a good team leader

The leader must be able to motivate the team when the team or the people under you is facing a crisis.

Darryl Lam

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