Monday, April 25, 2011

Ethical Dilemmas Scenario 1

Can you answer Georgia's question at the end? Is there such a thing as an ethical compromise?
There are no such thing as an ethical compromise. If it is not ethical, we should not do it. An ethical compromise, if there is such a thing, is the bending of rules of ethical values for that moment to enable the person to do something against his/her ethical values.

What do you think about Georgia's point about how it is unfair that she works so hard but isn't rewarded for her work? Do you feel she should be given more leeway for making the choice she did?

Instead of concentrating so much of her effort on understanding, she should learn how to divide her efforts to learn to both understand and learn how to answer questions.

Have you ever had someone cheat off of you? What did it feel like? How did you handle it? Would you handle it the same way if you could re-live the same situation?
No one have ever cheated off me, if they did, they must have did it so sneakily that I did not realize it. Naturally, I would immediately report it to a person with a higher position, for most cases in schools, that would be a teacher. Yes, I would handle it the same way.

Given the list of five reasons (above) that U.S. students say they cheat, which make more sense to you than others? Can you relate to any of them personally?

It benefits my family and it's for a good cause make more sense, because a person would want to benefit his or her own family. Also, if it's for a good cause, the person might have meant well but did the wrong thing (cheat).

What should Georgia do? Should she tell her teacher what she did?

Yes she should tell her teacher about it, because if not she will have a guilty conscience and she will feel guilty for a long period of time. If she tells the teacher, she will not feel so guilty because she has admitted that she cheated.

What would you do in this situation? Would you cheat? If so, could you do it and feel okay given the situation?

I would try my best to answer to the questions in the test even if I am not a strong test-taker. I would not cheat because it is unethical and I would have to learn how to be a strong test-taker and not cheat every time I needed answers.

Lionel, Yu Zhe, Carisa and Abilash

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