Monday, April 25, 2011

CE Lesson Scenerio 3 [25/4/2011]

1. Which of the options David lists for responding to this dilemma makes the most sense to you? Is there another better idea he may not be thinking of?

He should talk to the teacher he really respected. Another idea is to just talk to the boy who got insulted.

2. What would you do in this situation? If you think it depends what the photo consists of, where would you draw the line? Why? Can you explain?

I would draw the line when they edited his photo and write hurtful comments on it. As long as they had photoshopped his picture, it is destroying his self-esteem.

3. Do you think people should be able to say anything they want if they feel they are on a list that holds their confidentiality? Why? Why not?

 I think people should not be able to say anything they want if they feel they are on a list that holds their confidentiality. The words may hurt the person who got bulled if they found out about it and may report to an adult. They will be enemies and people will not want to get influenced or involved in situations.

4. Have you or someone you know ever been in a similar situation? What happened? How do you feel about how the situation was handled?

No, I have not seen a similar situation but I know there is in our class where their relationships. I think the situation was handled by just forgetting what happen and become friends again. There is always conflict between friendship or there is a misunderstanding which prevents them to be together again.

5. Have you ever felt uncomfortable about something but couldn't exactly explain why? How did you react to your discomfort? Ignore it? Act on it? How?

Yes, I felt uncomfortable because somewhat I felt guilty because I was the one who introduced something to that person and she was negatively influenced. I acted on it by telling her to stop.

6. If any of the rest of the class or school community gains access to the page with the boy's photo, do you think the school should discipline the boys? Is this a school issue? Why/why not?

Yes. It is a school issue because if it is leaked and lead to public, it will affect the school's identity, nation's identity and affect family and friends which will cause huge loss to the school and if they ever repeat the same mistake again they will eventually lead to expulsion.

7. Is this a community issue if no one but the boys ever see it?

Yes, because the boys will think that this behavior is correct and continue with it even after they grow up. This will concern other people if they continue doing the same thing.

Group Members: Darryl Lam Wei Cheng, Teo Yi Lin, Benz Kew

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