Monday, September 12, 2011

Goh Jia Sheng - 1.1

What do you think is the most apt title for the videos? 1st. Being Filial to your parents as it is about being filial to the parents for example his mother and the 2nd.  Prayers because in the end the son prayed lots of times etc.
(i) The mother allowed the son to go to town to use the internet to do his work although he just got back and she had made clothes and cook a special fish special for him.

(ii) After realizing his mistake from listening to the old man, he stopped his work and went back home to celebrate hari rays with his mother.

(i) The father spent lots of money to raise his son but he did not ask the son to pay him back.

(ii) The son got humiliated by his friends while running errands for his father and he complained to him by writing a letter stating the money he owes the son.

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