Monday, September 12, 2011


- For the first video, I think the most apt title is "Filial Piety" as the son was not dutiful to his mother in the beginning of the story and in the end, the son learns to be dutiful to his mother. For the second video, the boy was humiliated by his friends while doing his errands and so wanted to be paid for his errands. In the end, the boy learns of what is more important and treasures, so the most apt title would be "Love is the most important of all"
Video 1
- (i) The mother sacrificed the time she would have to spent with her son, so that her son would be able to complete his work.
- (ii) The son sacrificed he time that he would have needed to complete his work so as to be able to spend time with
Video 2
- (i) The father sacrificed a lot of time, money and "sacrificed" some love and requested nothing in exchange.
- (ii) The son realized that the parents sacrificed a lot for him and he owes a lot to them.

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