Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenario Five

Scenario Five -

Question One: He could make sense by weighing the pros and cons. He did not think about the teachers and students who were affected and only thought that if he told who the real person was, the relationship between he and his friends would be even worse.

Question Two: Derrick's responsibility is to do the correct thing.

Question Three: By telling the principal, it is doing the right thing for their future, but yet not telling the principal is honoring the promise he made to them about not telling it to anyone.

Question Four: I would tell the principal. The choice would affect the 3 students and all the other people who were brought down by them.

Question Five: If I didn't report them three and in the end the principal asks me and discovered that I knew the identities before hand, it will leave a bad impression.

Question Six: I won't feel much as they are doing the wrong thing, By reporting them is also doing them good.

Question Seven: No I have never.

Question Eight: Yes there is as the community would come first. If the friend is doing something bad, we must try to change and help that friend. But yet if the friend turns on you, you don't need such a friend.

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