Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenario 1. :D

Can you answer Georgia's question at the end? Is there such a thing as
an ethical compromise?

She should tell the teacher about it and face the consequences
instead. Even if she can get away scot-free, it would affect her
conscience. There IS such a thing as an ethical compromise, which
means that when you do something wrong, you would compromise on the
account of what is ethically right to you and make things right.

What do you think about Georgia's point about how it is unfair that
she works so hard but isn't rewarded for her work? Do you feel she
should be given more leeway for making the choice she did?

I'd say that it is not her fault that she is not a strong-taker, and
it is rather unfair that she tries her best and she CAN do it without
the stress, but she can't do it during her test. However, a mistake is
still a mistake and she should face the consequences respectively for
what she did.

Did someone cheat off of you? What did it feel like? How did you
handle the situation? Would you handle it the same way if you could
re-live the situation?
No, but i think i will be vry disappointed in that person. I would
leave it to the teacher to handle the situation because I cannot do
much to him.

Given the 5 reasons above from the U.S students say they cheat, which
makes more sense to you than others? Can you relate to any of them?
I think that we should not even be cheating even if there is the
temptation because it is Wrong.

What should Georgia do? Should she tell her teacher what she did?

Georgia should confess and tell the teacher what her situation is and
what she is going through, she should seek help and not keep it to
herself, so she can improve on her condition.

What would you do in this situation? Would you cheat? If so, could you
do it and feel okay given the situation?

I would cheat if I put myself in her shoes. But if I really did I, I
will keep it to myself, reflect and don't do the same in the future.

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